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About Us

For years, My Gown Dress has been inspiring newly weds, whether for individuals or for bridal designers and wedding consultants, right here in Malaysia and South East Asia.

We proudly introduced one of the most extensive range and designs of bridal dresses, wedding gowns, prom dresses, evening wear, dinner dress, bridesmaid dresses, and various hand picked wedding accessories to suit your future wedding event and occasion.

You can find our recent updates in our Facebook Fan Page, and the newest and most recent wedding dresses collection right here in our My Gown Dress website.

Pre-orders are easy too, with a mere click away! While you browse for your wedding dress design of choice, you can reach us almost instantly, without describing the details, dress codes etc., with the Add to Cart button/functionality.

We promise that your personal particulars is, and always kept confidential, safe and secured communications with us at My Gown Dress.

For more inquiries, you can reach us here, our direct Contact Page, for your convenience and immediate support. But please due take note for the time differences within regions, but we promise to answer your question and inquiries on wedding dresses and such, as quickly as possible.